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As a young lady, growing up, Ms. Salley would use writing as a tool to process her thoughts, feelings and desires in journals or written letters.  In 2010 after losing her husband suddenly, she partially processed her grief once again by beginning to write; but this time it was done on a more professional level.  She soon discovered that God had gifted her with the ability to not only write, but to meet people at the heart of their dilemma, trial, or challenge with her words. She uses her life experiences and the wisdom gleaned from it to spread God’s Love and encourage others along their journey.

In May, 2016, Debrayta Salley released her memoir which outlined her journey as a young lady to an adult woman. This is a Self-Help book that is written from a place of authenticity and transparency and engages the reader in a way that helps them to see themselves in her story.  Order your copy of Back to the Scene of the Crime Memoir today!

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Her latest collaboration, in which she was the compiler for, GraceFULL Seasons Anthology: Volume I, shares the testimonies of six women. Their stories vary but the message remains the same; in everything there is a season. By the Grace of God, they were sustained and strengthened.


GraceFULL Seasons Anthology, Volume 1
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